photography & corporate films

     We undertake photo and video reportages on offshore windfarms construction sites with the required accreditations in full compliance with GWO standards (Global Wind Organisation).

With our double expertise, as professional divers, we are also able to provide underwater takes and video footage of the entire process of any marine renewable energy project in progress.

marketing & communication materials

     We support companies and other institutions in developing their public image by putting forth their maritime activities: marine renewable energy, hull test sites, biotechnologies, seaweeds, shellfish farming, fishery, fish-market, protected marine area, aerial shooting, sailing school, tourism, water sports, lifeguards, etc.

We provide photo reports (50 up to 70 pictures) and corporate films (2"30 to 3"30) detailing and promoting your full scope of activities.

highly experienced professional divers

     Our extensive professional diving experience gives us the ability to work on a variety of different projects ranging from algae shooting in the Pacific to inspection of tidal turbines up to a depth of 65 meters.

In 2016, HEOS Marine has launched the “Seaweed Expeditions” project with the objectives to discover, take pictures and film rare or unknown seaweeds in remote locations or areas where access can prove difficult (deeper areas, specific environmental conditions, extreme temperature ranges etc…).

to make the difference ...

      We are Unmanned Aircraft Systems certified to provide you the most efficient and impacting audiovisual material; our services combine technology and strong field experience.

HEOS Marine's wide range of services will keep you covered for all occasions, from aerial photography & videography, construction reviews, survey & inspection, animals behaviours, 4K video production, etc.

Boulouparis II, largest solar plant of New Caledonia
Filming & editing / Nicolas JOB
Soundtrack / Sebastien JOB
Production / HEOS Marine

Wind of Change, LDA, Borkum Riffgrund I
Filming & editing / Nicolas JOB
Soundtrack / Sebastien JOB
Production / HEOS Marine


Humpback whales of New-Caledonia
Filming & editing / Nicolas JOB
Soundtrack / Sebastien JOB
Production / HEOS Marine

Expedition Nautile I
Filming & editing / Nicolas JOB
Soundtrack / Sebastien JOB
Production / HEOS Marine


a b o u t   u s

HEOS Marine agency, created in 2010

     HEOS Marine was created in 2010 by Nicolas Job. Nicolas is a professional diver and photographer. Being a specialist in marine, offshore wind and underwater photography, he runs the company and manages all the projects.

For each project, HEOS Marine brings in the best specialists, from underwater and drone filming, to editing, motion design and post production.

Concurrently, an IT team is developing HEOS Marine’s own online multimedia file management tools, which it will then distribute. For any question on that system, please contact us.

HEOS Marine is a member of French Maritime Cluster

c o n t a c t

     For all projects we work on, be they private, national or international, we only use state of the art equipment. We can intervene worldwide on very short notice. For any project, please contact us and we will provide you our best quotation.

To get access to the image library, please send us an e-mail with the following information: First and Last name, company and contacts details.

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